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We need your help. Journalism can no longer be supported with advertising revenue alone; newspapers across the country have stopped publishing or laid off staff.  We have been able to keep publishing because of the support you and others in the Lansing community have given us. Thank you for understanding the need for homegrown local news. 

Since 2001, City Pulse has supported community dialogue, spotlighted important issues, spoken truth to power and covered the arts. We cover local businesses, local politics, and the issues that people who live in the Lansing metro care most about.

Because we believe that news is vital for democracy, we have committed to keeping our print and digital content free. To do that, we need your help. Your dollars go directly to fund our small staff of six who work 24/7 to ensure that local coverage of Lansing can continue. A suggested supporter amount of $25 per month is brilliant.  

While daily papers across the country have lost readers at a dramatic rate over the last ten years, our audience has increased. With your support, City Pulse can continue to deliver award-winning content to Lansing residents and surrounding areas.

Please give now. And thank you.

Berl Schwartz, publisher

p.s. What’s the difference between City Pulse and City Pulse Fund?–click here for our FAQ.



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